Bänken #6

Bänken (the Bench) is a poster magazine that believes all people have a story to tell.


A reporter and a photographer sit down on a bench with a mission to make an article about the first person that takes a seat next to them. One page tells the story of the central character. On the other page, artists and writers get to make their free interpretations of said person’s life.

In the sixth issue of Bänken we’re introduced to Sven. On a bench by Mosebacke Torg he shares stories of love wounds, Algeria and of a childhood where pinecones were the closest play pals.


Catalina Aguilera
Lisa Björklund
Olle Eriksson
Sara Gust
Daniél Lindström
Inka Lindergård & Niclas Holmström
Tove Mörkberg
Malin Ringsby
Ylva Sundgren