Pasadena is an award winning graphic design studio located in Stockholm. We believe in the power of good design and strong ideas.


Pasadenas main focus is editorial design and visual identities and our clients are primarily found within the cultural and nonprofit sectors. Apart from doing graphic design we are greatly experienced in running and managing projects as well as working editorially. At Pasadena we also develop self-initiated projects such as the equality game Komma Lika, the randomized magazine Bänken, the poster book Nyktra Former and the series of talks Feministisk Formbar. Pasadena was founded in 2009 by art directors Anton Hull and Maria Loohufvud.

How we work

To Pasadena design goes beyond the visible surface. As we undertake a project we do a thorough research along with an analysis of the assignment and its conditions in order to find a strong concept. When doing the graphic design a great emphasis is placed on choice of materials, usability and details, to ultimately create a product that exceeds the client’s expectations.

Allow us to be a part of the process from an early stage. If the project demands it we bring in the competence necessary and cooperate with other people within our creative network.

To Pasadena working feministic and norm critic is important. In practice this means that we, for example, choose images with care and that we always try to find a variety amongst the people that we cooperate with.


Bergmancenter på Fårö
Djurskyddet Sverige
Idyll Film
Gustavsbergs Porslinsmuseum
Idealistas Förlag
Liljevalchs Konsthall
Makten över Musiken
Nordic Financial Unions
Nova Education

SHIS Bostäder
Sober Förlag
Sony Music
Stockholms Stadsteater
Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan
Svenska Fotografers Förbund
Tacit Works
Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund
Årets Bild

What we do

Print – books, magazines, posters, packaging, reports.
Visual identities – logotypes and visual concepts.
Art direction – ideas, management of illustrators and photographers.
Project management and editorship – text disposition, budgeting and printing contacts.
Self-initiated projects – Bänken, Feministisk Formbar, Komma Lika, Nyktra Former and more.
Lectures – about running an independent studio, self-initiated projects and about working editorially.


After work för feministisk form – Cap&Design, 2015-10-01
Blank, stilren, påkostad. Stor! – Journalisten, 2015-09-29
En tidskrift som grottar ner sig i sitt ämne – OBS, SR P1, 2015-05-14
NBV får ny grafisk profil och logga – Cap&Design, 2013-09-11
Komma Lika – zagraj w równouprawnienie – Gazeta Wyborcza (Polen), 2013-08-31
Sober ger ut bok med nykterhetsaffischer – Resumé, 2013-07-10
Vårsalongens affisch – en godismetafor – Cap & Design, 2013-02-15
Tätt mellan verken på årets Vårsalong – SvD, 2013-01-24
Spel för jämställdhet hemma – Feministiskt Perspektiv, 2013-01-11
Betyg 5/5 – Västerbottens Kuriren, 2012-11-30
Familjespelet som kan bli årets julklapp – Passion for Business, 2012-11-29
Moralmonopol gör alla till vinnare – Spanarna, SR P1, 2012-11-03
Jag vill hjälpa folk att bli mer jämställda – DN, 2012-07-09